YL-M308 Air Collet Tapping Machine(M3~M8) / YL-312A Quick Change Collet Tapping Machine

Easy, portable,  light weight
Applicable tapping for small diameter
Under less effort, can be impact tapping
Choose any five Tap Collect (M3~M8)
Replace Collets easily
Without motor, keep the cost down
Handle can rotate for 360°
Choose any seven Safety clutch Tapping Adapters (M3~M12)
Model Capacity(kg) No-load-speed(RPM) Air Pressure Weight(kg)
Aluminum Copper Ferrum
YL-M308 M3 ~ M8 M3 ~ M8 M3 ~ M8 8600 6kg ~ 8kg 1.1kg
YL-312A M3 ~ M12 M3 ~ M12 M3 ~ M12 265 6kg ~ 8kg 2.1kg